Making your life easier

Between emails, shared drive, white boards, chat, project management software, collaborating with external partners can be chaotic.

With Fassilio, you have the tools you need to work remotely, in real-time, creating an in-office feel.

Accelerate collaboration in your value chains through ease of use

Create a simple information structure

Create specific workspaces and projects with a deep structure that makes all the information easily accessible.
Fassilio Structure
Fassilio Invite

Engage anyone in minutes

Onboard new collaborators in 3 clicks, significantly reducing the time it takes to get your value chain participants up to speed.

Express your ideas precisely

Use 6 different media types to express ideas – video, photo, document, audio, hyperlink and text. No more miscommunication.

Fassilio Media
Fassilio Chat

Add contextual details

Start a chat for every idea or piece of information. Consolidating the communications around one idea makes it evolve faster.

Choose the best solutions

Evaluate the best ideas in only a few clicks with the integrated evaluation tool, reducing risks and accelerating idea development.

Fassilio Evaluation

For multiple use cases

Problem Solving

Fassilio is the only platform that brings together all the tools needed to plan, organize, document and communicate when a problem arises that requires the collaboration of external partners and internal teams.

Start a new project in minutes, get everyone to share the information how they want to, regroup all ideas and accelerate the diagnostic and solution implementation.

Continuous Improvement

Imagine a single platform that brings together all the tools needed to facilitate the assessment, analysis and documentation of processes to find areas of improvement. Imagine if the same platform could help generate solutions and visually map the implementation of large-scale solutions.

This is why fassilio is used in multiple environments to help lead continuous improvements initiatives.

Development & Innovation

Enable creativity and idea generation like never before. Fassilio is a collaboration platform that helps people visualize their ideas to make them evolve faster. By bringing a visual structure into the creativity chaos, we avoid all jams and miscommunication.

Start collaborating differently

Create, document, communicate and collaborate in a single platform. Fassilio is a visual, simple and powerful platform that remote teams are using to accelerate idea generation and problem solving.