Push Innovation To New Levels

We’re eliminating chaos from creativity. Use a unique,simple, and very visual collaboration platform to express ideas and build solutions.

Enable Co-Ideation And Collaboration In A New Way

Create, share and build ideas instantly as a team to speed up the process of developing new solutions.

Fassilio is the only platform that combines all the tools you and your partners need to ideate, collaborate and communicate,
remotely, in real-time and in async mode.

Fassilio Structure

Organize Creativity Chaos

Providing one unified workspace that is simple and visual helps team members express their ideas effortlessly, generating more ideas, eliminating communication problems and confusion.

Increase speed and agility of the teams without spending countless hours organizing the information and documenting everything. The structured workspace allows for everyone’s input without adding on to your daily tasks.

Encourage Your Team To
Express Their Ideas
In Their Own Way

Simplify idea generation. Team members can use 6 different media types to express ideas, comment or explain. These can be grouped together to better communicate.

Inspire your team differently by allowing them to use photos, videos, hyperlink, text and documents to express their ideas.

Fassilio Media
Fassilio Evaluation

Evaluate The Best Ideas
In A Few Clicks

An integrated assessment tool allows you to quickly push a quick survey to the team in a matter of a few clicks.

Team members can evaluate the best ideas quickly without the need to build a form or to call yet another meeting.

Helping You Build
The Next Best Thing

Thanks to its simple and visual work structure, you have full visibility over all the ideas. You witness how they evolve. You can assess the best ones faster. You stop wasting time looking for information and documenting everything. You can focus on building the next best thing.


Fassilio Chat
Fassilio Invite

It’s never been so easy to onboard
new collaborators

”It used to make me hours to onboard a new collaborator, between giving them access to the multiple folders and tools we were using and showing them where to find the information. With fassilio, I can’t believe how fast a new person is brought to speed. They can start collaborating almost instantly.”

-Raphaelle, Marketing Consultant