Speed up problem solving

Improve collaboration with external partners to expedite problem resolution.

Share, document and Map Ideas And Processes

Fassilio is the only platform that brings together all the tools needed to plan, organize, document and communicate when a problem arises that requires the collaboration of external partners.

Fassilio Structure

Explaining problems should require minimal efforts

Let users stack information across different media types to facilitate clear communication between different team members, partners and clients.

Accelerate the diagnostic

Reduce the risk of having the wrong diagnostic with a platform that allows you to visualize all the information easily.

Fassilio’s simple and visual structure makes it possible to document and share issues instantly, in a variety of formats.


Fassilio Chat
Fassilio Evaluation

Evaluate best solutions in minutes

An integrated and simplified evaluation tool that allows you to evaluate the best ideas anonymously.

Team members can evaluate the best ideas quickly without the need to build a form or to call yet another meeting.


Find and reuse solutions easily

Having a similar problem again?

Fassilio’s search tool makes it possible to find ideas and information quickly and to reuse them.

We help you speed up problem-solving and increase satisfaction.

Fassilio Invite
Fassilio Invite

It’s never been more easy to include an external collaborator in your team

You can add new collaborators in less than 3 clicks. Instantly, the new collaborator will receive an invitation to join the work space.

Forget about long onboarding process. The platform is so easy to use, any new collaboration can be up and running in 5 minutes.