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Partnership agreement with DESTL

Sep 22, 2021

In order to better meet the needs of businesses, DESTL is constantly expanding its service offering. Thanks to this agreement, it will be able to offer a turnkey infrastructure using the Ideation6 platform to any industrial company wishing to organize sessions for the generation of new collaborative ideas.

“ Saint-Laurent’s economic vitality is based on its industrial strength. It is therefore important to support the growth of manufacturing companies, in particular the most innovative ”, specifies Luc Duguay , interim CEO of DESTL.

This ideation platform is a tool designed and produced by the Montreal startup Ideation6. Teams use the platform to generate ideas in response to a challenge. Each submits their best idea to a group of evaluators also present on the platform. This most fun tool is distinguished by the speed of the process to produce solutions as well as the richness and easy reuse of the ideas generated.

“This original initiative will enable industrial companies from here to speed up the search for innovative ideas to distinguish themselves here and abroad”, specifies François Auger, president of Ideation6. The industrial co-creation lab is aimed at all companies in Quebec.

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