Build Ideas From The Bottom Up

Fassilio is the only platform that brings together all the tools needed to facilitate the evaluation, analysis and documentation of processes, generate solution ideas and plan processes and the implementation of large-scale solutions.


Evaluate, Map And Document Ideas And Processes

Fassilio’s simple and deep structure allows you to document and share issues instantly as well as map processes in a visual and intuitive way for all stakeholders.

The platform allows to centralize information and to work in asynchronous mode, all together, while having an overview of the entire project.

Fassilio Structure

Regroup All Information And

Centralize all the information in a simple and deep structure that allows for full visibility over all the information and all the ideas. Ideas live on their own – they don’t leave with turnarounds. And you can reuse them, make them evolve, scale them to other sites.

The platform centralizes all communication per idea or problem, accelerating the assessment, analysis and solution planning.

Bottom-Up Information Is
Crucial To Decision Making

Let everyone express and explain their ideas however they want thanks to our 6 different media types. Inspire team members to contribute by allowing them to use photos, videos, hyperlink, text and documents to express their ideas.

The 6 media types can be grouped together to better explain and better communicate. With fassilio, you allow every to collaborate however they want to.

Fassilio Media
Fassilio Media

Get Them Involved In
Decision Making

There are often multiple solutions for one problem. Having everyone evaluate the ideas in a matter of a few clicks helps everyone feel included and reduces the risks.

Use the integrated evaluation tool to get a sense of everyone’s opinions and lead through change.

A Tool That Anybody Can
Use Easily

Enabling managers to implement the solutions, plan the different steps and document processes is no easy task.

With Fassilio, you can map all of this in a visual way that makes it easy to understand for everyone involved.

Fassilio Chat

It’s never been easier to onboard new team members or external collaborators.

You can add new collaborators in less than 3 clicks. Instantly, the new collaborator will receive an invitation to join the work space.

Forget about long onboarding process. The platform is so easy to use, any new collaboration can be up and running in 5 minutes.