Speed up collaborative work along your value chains

Allow external partners and your internal teams to develop solutions in real time using our user friendly visual platform


Get everyone up to speed in minutes.

Forget long onboarding processes. Add new collaborators in a few clicks and bring them up to speed under 5 minutes. Simplicity has never been so effective.

Express yourself in 6 different ways.

Let participants add their insights through their preferred methods. It’s where audio recordings, images, videos, URLs or downloaded documents help redefine your team’s communications.

Evaluate the best ideas in minutes.

The integrated evaluation tool allows participants to quickly identify the best solution in asynchronous mode, all in just a few clicks. No need for forms, meetings or threaded emails anymore.

Simple, Fun And Powerful

Create visual boards for real time sharing of solutions with your value chain partners. Develop your solutions in a collaborative space, and easily request feedback directly within the platform.

Avoid all the back and forth

Simplify Processes

Whether you manage the creative or implementation process, our collaboration platform helps you plan, map and visualize every step. Plus, all the information can be instantly made available to authorized users.

Develop solutions Faster

Build on your ideas. At Fassilio, we know that the best solutions stem from multiple inputs. As your internal and external partners submit their thoughts and feedback, the platform stores each contribution as an evergreen archive so you can search and reuse them.

Save time and Sweat

Build and develop solutions efficiently for both you and your external team. Saving you time and sweat on collaboration procedures, creating an in-office feel.


Product Development and Innovation


Problem Solvers


Continuous Improvement

Speed up collaboration in your value chain now.